Advice UK

Advice UK

Advice organisations often have specific insurance requirements that reflect their social focus and activities, sometimes needing wide-ranging liability covers. Finance ReDirect works in partnership with Advice UK to offer a discounted and enhanced scheme facility that provides a comprehensive insurance solution for Advice organisations.

Our covers include:

Sums insured and limits of indemnity can be selected in accordance with your organisation’s needs; as well as many additional sections of cover.

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Becoming a member


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For further information on how to become a Member of Advice UK, please visit:

Or contact them by telephone on:

0300 777 0107 or 0300 777 0108

Contact Finance ReDirect

If you run a not-for-profit organisation or social group, and you need specialist insurance services, please click on the appropriate link or call Finance ReDirect on: 01234 358535

Recycling profits back into charity and community projects

Finance ReDirect does just that, it REDIRECTS the profits from its insurance products back to the CREATE charity, who in turn distributes the profits as grants to local charitable and/or church projects