Community Groups

Specialist Public Liability Insurance for small community groups

Small Community Groups (e.g. clubs, groups and societies using hired premises to meet in) can take advantage of our Public Liability only scheme. Those eligible for the scheme can obtain liability cover over the internet from a little as £63.00 per annum.

For small groups requiring more than just liability cover, please contact us.

Community Group

Finance ReDirect has negotiated a unique scheme for Public Liability cover. The scheme is designed for small groups who fall within the following criteria:

and provides cover for the following activities

The scheme offers the choice of two levels of indemnity: £1,000,000 or £5,000,000 and can be arranged over the internet or by telephone. Please note that internet applications receive a discounted premium.

Contents Cover - when you take out liability cover, the scheme now also offers the option £1,000 all risks cover for an additional premium of £29.95


Important Information - Please read

This Policy is not intended to cover hazardous activities or hazardous fund raising events.  For example: bungee jumping or any activities involving bungee ropes or cords; rock climbing; mountaineering or abseiling; obstacle courses; "It's a Knockout" type competitions; swimming or diving events of any kind; fireworks or any form of pyrotechnics.

The above list is not exhaustive and should be read as examples only. The intention of the policy is to exclude “hazardous” activities.  If you are in any doubt as to what constitutes ‘hazardous activities’ you should contact us at Finance ReDirect Limited to discuss the type of activities that are excluded.

Click here for liability policy details (See page 31 Sections 2 and 3 of Liability Insurance applies)

Click here for property policy details (See page 13 Property Damage Section applies)

Please note that this policy excludes Abuse cover.  If this cover is a specific requirement for your organisation then please contact us.

Insurance for groups

Public Liability insurance for clubs, groups and societies 


Apply online (to received a discounted premium) or by telephone on: 01234 358 535

Please contact us if you represent a small group who do not meet the criteria or who require more than just liability cover

Contact Finance ReDirect

If you run a not-for-profit organisation or social group, and you need specialist insurance services, please click on the appropriate link or call Finance ReDirect on: 01234 358535

Recycling profits back into charity and community projects

Finance ReDirect does just that, it REDIRECTS the profits from its insurance products back to the CREATE charity, who in turn distributes the profits as grants to local charitable and/or church projects