Unity Trust Bank

Unity Trust Bank Customers Insurance Scheme

Finance ReDirect has partnered with Unity Trust Bank to provide comprehensive, competitive insurance solutions for their customers.

Unity Trust Bank is a specialist bank for charities, voluntary organisations, trade unions and credit unions. Since its formation in 1984, its vision has been to deliver a range of banking services that sets Unity apart from mainstream banks. Today, that vision continues to become reality as Unity leads the way in the development of new initiatives which are changing the face of banking for the better.

Unity’s vision has always been to put social change, social benefit and community involvement at the core of its business. This approach remains as important today as it did over 30 years ago, and Unity is proud to have been one of the early adopters as it has watched corporate social responsibility become increasingly important for just about every type of business.

To see whether Unity could help you with your banking requirements please visit www.unity.co.uk or call 0345 140 1000.

Insurance scheme for Unity Trust Bank Customers

To obtain an insurance quotation, please download and complete the quotation form or telephone 01234 358535. When contacting us, please quote reference UTB777.


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If you run a not-for-profit organisation or social group, and you need specialist insurance services, please click on the appropriate link or call Finance ReDirect on: 01234 358535

Recycling profits back into charity and community projects

Finance ReDirect does just that, it REDIRECTS the profits from its insurance products back to the CREATE charity, who in turn distributes the profits as grants to local charitable and/or church projects www.create-charity.co.uk